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Concord and the Massachusetts-Hokkaido Sister State Relationship

Concord's Town Meeting voted to formalize its relationship with Nanae and the Concord-Carlisle High School's decision to send its Concert Band to Hokkaido are the culmination of many years of involvement with Hokkaido and Nanae. The following is a description of Nanae and an outline of the activities of the Town of Concord and its citizens group, the Concord Public Schools and the Concord-Carlisle High School

Nanae is a town of 23,733 located a short distance from the major city of Hakodate in Southwestern Hokkaido. Its main industry is agriculture. It is a portion of the Hakodate Technopolis Project which aims at developing a "brain intensive" industrial park. The town owns the Onuma Quasi National Park. Mr. Horace Capron, the American who oversaw the settlement of Hokkaido in the 1870's, built a plantation there.

Hokkaido-Nanae-Concord Contacts

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