Late Arrival

4 pm update - April 23
The Band had a late departure from the airport in New York.
Looks like arrival at CCHS will be closer to 6 pm


Wednesday 15-Apr-98 Leave Concord for Japan
Thursday 16-Apr-98 Arrive Sapporo, Japan
Friday 17-Apr-98 Sapporo Shirioshi High School visit and concert
Saturday 18-Apr-98 Tour Sapporo with host families
Sunday 19-Apr-98 Bus trip to Nanae and meet host families
Monday 20-Apr-98 Nanae High School visit and concert
Tuesday 21-Apr-98 Onuma Seminar House; Mt. Hakodate
Wednesday 22-Apr-98 Leave for Sapporo airport; banquet dinner at Narita
Thursday 23-Apr-98 Depart Narita airport for Concord

The flight home (JAL 6) is scheduled to leave Narita (Tokyo) at 12 noon, 23 April, Tokyo time which equates to 11 PM, 22 April, Concord time.

Scheduled arrival time is 11:20 AM, 23 April, at JFK (New York).

While the flight is airborne, you can check on its status

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