Hokkaido 1998: An Introduction

The Concord-Carlisle High School Concert Band has a long tradition of exciting trips that have combined music, different cultures and adventure. The entire CCHS community and the band take pride in the trip to Hokkaido, Japan from April 15 to April 23, 1998. Students and parents have made this trip possible by raising much of the money required through work days, gift wrap sales, a movie night and a gala concert held in January, 1998. Additional funds have been contributed by our corporate sponsors.

Since formalizing its sister-state relationship with Hokkaido in 1990, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has had many exchanges with Hokkaido; none, however, on a scale equal to that of Hokkaido in terms of expense or the commitment of personnel. Only the Massachusetts city of Springfield has sent a sizable group to Hokkaido. The CCHS trip is the single biggest event of its kind from Massachusetts to Hokkaido. It also underscores the Commonwealth's long and enduring relationship with its Japanese "sister." This relationship began more than 100 years ago, and continue to flourish today with the strong support of both the Governor's and the Massachusetts-Hokkaido Sister State Association.

Rarely does a community have such an opportunity to profoundly affect a segment of its young people while furthering its own and the Commonwealth's ends. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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